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Dr. Dieter & Sandra Ostermann

company profile

neoxid GmbH is an independent, owner-managed, medium-sized company.

Our business objective is to provide industry and economy with well-founded, scientific know-how. With this focus we are one of the few companies with many years of success and unique in our corporate philosophy.

On the one hand, we work as a research institution with a team of scientists and engineers on a scientific basis. In the development of our technologies, we always focus on the goal of practical application. Beyond this basic research, our team consists of specialists for the realization of scientific results to market success. We are on board from the creation of prototypes to test acceptance and testing by independent institutes to the preparation of series production. All our processes are ISO9001 compliant.

In addition, we produce CO2, O2, VOC and humidity sensors as well as VOC cleaners and CO2 burners. These are based on a novel research approach for the processing of oxides and can be used in a wide variety of applications. In addition, our systems can be digitally read out, evaluated, networked and integrated into the Internet/Intranet (IoT). Relevant information is thus automatically captured, linked and made available in the network.

neoxid GmbH is a member of the following associations:



  Wirtschaftsinitiative Neuss Süd e.V.



Deutsche Physikalische Forschungsgemeinschaft